Mental health

Understanding the challenges of mental health issues

Mental health is just as important as physical health. We strive to maintain zero crisis admissions to hospital for mental health issues and have successfully done so to date. This requires closely monitoring every stage of care to uphold the dignity of our ladies and gentlemen during what can be long and progressive conditions.

Mental health care

Asquith Hall has been a trusted provider of first-class and holistic care for mental health issues in West Yorkshire for years, including:

  • Dementia that has advanced with associated complex health and personal care needs
  • Mental health issues that have stabilised from treatment and ageing, including conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
  • Complex and challenging care needs as a result of mental health issues with associated dementia
  • End of life care

A specially designed care home

We are incredibly proud to help improve the mental health of working age and older adults in our safe, supportive and friendly environment. Asquith Hall is designed with a bright and inviting colour scheme to foster a positive atmosphere for our ladies and gentlemen.

Sunlight and fresh air are both important in improving mental health, which is why Asquith Hall’s secure, private gardens provide opportunities for quality exercise, reflection and relaxation with easy-access pathways.

Bespoke mental health care

Our dedicated teams carry out 24/7 nursing care with bespoke training for people with mental health issues. This involves establishing supportive relationships with our ladies and gentlemen and encouraging their independence whenever possible.

We also work hard to create individual, flexible and diverse care plans for those we support. These are carried out by a range of multidisciplinary teams comprising registered nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists and support staff.

In addition, Asquith Hall liaises closely with the local authority, community mental health teams, mental health experts, the families of loved ones and NHS acute mental health services to make sure the needs of our ladies and gentlemen are fully represented inside and outside of the care home.

Quality mental health care driven by you

Our teams don’t work alone. You will have control over the care, treatment and support of yourself or your loved one at Asquith Hall.

We actively encourage openness about mental health so the correct support can be found for you or your loved one as quickly as possible. This can include peer support, talking with health care providers, getting involved with our inclusive community and taking part in our psychological therapies.