Effective relaxation therapies at Asquith Hall care home

Asquith Hall provides a number of proven relaxation therapies to help all our ladies and gentleman feel healthy, active and happy no matter their circumstances.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy focusses on strengthening the ability to carry out everyday tasks, activities and interactions, which is crucial to Asquith Hall’s ethos of promoting independence for our ladies and gentlemen.

Our occupational therapists work with those we care for on anything from organising personal care and daily routines to socialising with our friendly community and getting involved with organised events.

The confidence that can be gained through occupational therapy cannot be understated and fosters a powerful sense of self-esteem in our ladies and gentlemen.


Reflexology can result in deep relaxation by gently applying pressure to the feet and hands and relieving aches and pains brought on by old age.

Studies have proven this non-invasive therapy can particularly help those living with dementia, depression, anxiety and stress by encouraging the body to stimulate blood flow and activate its healing properties.  

Our qualified reflexologists use the medical history of individuals to determine which pressure points ned attention, maximising the wide-ranging benefits for our ladies and gentlemen.

You can read more about this fascinating treatment here.


Hydrotherapy can be greatly beneficial in treating physical conditions, including arthritis and rheumatic problems, as well as strengthening muscles through a series of controlled exercises in warm water.

The pain-free therapy has also been shown to reduce anxiety, symptoms of depression and stress while boosting quality sleep and injury or surgery rehabilitation.

*Please note that hydrotherapy is currently not being offered as the pool is closed.