Referrals, fees and funding

How to secure a place at Asquith Hall care home

Please get in touch through our contact page to find out how you can secure a place for yourself or your loved one at Asquith Hall.

Our Matron will then make arrangements to visit you or your loved one to conduct a full assessment, before liaising with the clinical team and Registered Manager to decide the potential care we can offer.

We will then propose a comprehensive care plan, including upfront and transparent details of any associated fees.

Each individual we care for is different and we may be able to offer immediate placements if required.

Who pays for care?

Each one of our ladies and gentlemen come to Asquith Hall with different circumstances that determine how their care is paid for.

The local authority or NHS Trust will cover costs in some cases while others might be required to pay for themselves. It can also be a combination of both.

Every NHS Trust and local authority operate differently, however Asquith Hall can offer support and guidance to help secure the right funding for yourself or your loved one.

Please get in touch with our Registered Manager or contact your local authority or NHS Trust for more information. If you or your loved one is living with dementia, you can also call the National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122.

How much does care cost?

Asquith Hall’s fees are £1,890 per week which are evaluated yearly by the local authority.

This does not include expenditure for personal use, such as professional hairdressing, magazines and newspapers, confectioneries, flowers for individual rooms and snacks.

Read our terms and conditions for private funders here.
Read our Deed of Third Party Contribution Agreement here.
View our Care Placement Agreement here.

Moving into Asquith Hall

Our staff pride themselves on ensuring a seamless transition to living at Asquith Hall care home.

We begin by organising visits for you or your loved one to explore the care home before moving in, which provides a great opportunity to meet our teams and personalise your or your loved one’s room.

Bespoke care plans, risk assessments, medication and other assistance will also be set up during these visits, as well as practical arrangements like changing GP, updating care plans, establishing financial aid and transporting personal items.

Two weeks after moving into Asquith Hall our teams will evaluate how you or your loved one is settling in and make sure their needs are being met.

Please get in touch with our Registered Manager for any queries about securing a place and moving into Asquith Hall.